Update – October 2018

It has been another month in which a lot has happened. In daily life I work continuously as an entrepreneur on my income. Because I have a peak every quarter, I have not had much time to work on my blog. But that does not mean that less has happened. On the contrary!

Envestio achieved a higher return than was included in my financial planning.

I also did an new investment in the platform “Swaper” and one in the platform “Grupeer”.

A profit of € 4,91 was made for the month of October

And through with the journey to the passive income!


At Envestio everything is still running as expected. All interests received are reinvested and used to build up a passive income.

Profit: € 4.16


Swaper is a new platform in my list. As always this platform offers a buyback-guarantee so that the risk is as low as possible.
The reason i chose Swaper is that the interest for every loan is a steady 12%. On the low side regarding my financial planning, but steady.
My initial investment was €91,-

Later more on Swaper.

Profit: €0,75


Grupeer is a new platform in which I have invested. At the beginning of October I placed € 150, – here. I let the auto-invest option invest in 13% and 15% loans so that the return will run smoothly. No profit was made in the month of October, because not a whole month had passed yet.

profit: € –

Statement October 2018

Platform Info Profit Invested Value
Envestio € 4,16 € 250 € 261,90
Swaper € 0,75 € 91 € 91,75
TOTAL € 4,91 € 341 € 353,65


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