Update – September 2018

Meanwhile, we are already more than a month later after I started building a passive income. In the meantime, in the month of September, I did not sit still. As you can read in the previous post, I have made a financial plan. Here I will try to keep myself as much as possible.

I will soon make my excel sheet with the financial plan downloadable.

I have also done research on a number of platforms in which I want to invest or not. I will soon write a post about this with a (short-term) planning of the platforms in which I will invest.

In the month of September I made 1 investment, at Envestio. I will come back to this later.

After 1 month of investing, the first result (yes, yes, except for one cent) has shown itself.

A profit of € 5.87 was made for the month of September

And through with the journey to the passive income!


Envestio is the new platform in which I made the first investment of € 250 on September 5. This € 250, – I divided over 5 loans that were available at that time. The highest return I could achieve at that time was 21% on an annual basis. This is not bad since my goal is 12%. Positive! After I made the deposit I immediately received my € 5, – Bonus because I had signed up via someone. else. Do you want this too? CLICK HERE to sign up and deposit
at least € 100, -.
On top of the € 5, – you also get a 0.5% cashback on all investments that you do during the first 270 days.

Profit september: € 1,46

Envestio deposits september 2018

Platform Info Profit Invested Value
Envestio  € 1,46 € 250 € 251,46
TOTAL € 1,46 € 250 € 251,46


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  1. Beste Barry

    Zou je mij een mailtje willen sturen. Ik heb wat vragen over het passief inkomen creëren en investeren.
    Ik hoor het graag dank je wel

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